News catch-up

Off to Bexhill next week to help mum with packing up her house ready for the move to her brand new apartment ( fully furnished!) on the 12 August. The days seem to be flying by and the garden is looking a mess but luckily Tim is coming later today so I can offload some of the jobs onto him.

I had a stall at the local church this Saturday, against my better judgement, but It was combined with a bell ringing festival so I thought we would have some new customers! Well it seemed to get off to a slow start and then I overheard one of the bell ringers saying he had invited 60 local teams to come and take part and not one of them was coming! I was furious as we were committed to be there all day. I honestly think the organisers should have cancelled it or at least have given us the option of pulling out of the event. I took the princely sum of £16 of which I am supposed to give 20%, I will not be going to the next one!

I had to send off my application for the next exhibition of the Newton St Cyres art club today, I don’t hold out much hope of selling anything but it’s good practice and raises money for the group so I don’t mind really. Who knows, I might even pluck up courage to enter for the RA Summer Show one day.

 Two of the four paintings I am entering for the exhibition


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