In The Loft

Having travelled along the south coast to sunny Bexhill on Monday I immediately set about helping mum with her house clearance. This mostly entailed going into the loft, which had to be emptied, and then sorting everything into the various categories of recycling and charity shops and the rubbish tip! I am not very good at heights these days so I went straight into the loft the first day to get it over and done with, what I didn’t manage to clear, I dragged to the entrance of the loft so that the next day I could reach the remaining rubbish from the top of the ladder. We were lucky with the charity shops as they grudgingly accepted all that we had sorted out for them. The rubbish tip was very well organised with lots of different categories so although we had rubbish even that was recycled.

From then on the sorting out was fairly easy, most of the furniture, pots, pans and clothes will be packed by the house movers. Tomorrow we have auctioneers coming to look at what furniture they might take, hopefully they will take quite a bit but if not the house movers will clear the remaining bits.

Tomorrow I head back to Devon and then Thursday next I come back for the big move on Friday!


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