The Big Move

I left home at 8am and made a quick journey up to Bath to collect Verity and then onward to Bexhill to assist Mum in her move to Hillborough House. We arrived to find the bungalow at 4 Beech Close somewhat denuded of furniture and mum sitting in a picnic chair dealing with high finance over the phone. 

We did some sorting out ready for the removers to come the next morning. Mum was up with the lark but unfortunately the removal men didn’t turn up until 11am so we were sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Once they arrived they were very efficient so that by 2 we were at the other end and starting the business of unpacking! But I get ahead of myself, first there were the sandwiches, sausages, cakes and Prosecco which we were invited to eat for our lunch and an enormous bouquet of flowers was presented to mum as well. 

We were unpacking boxes, taking the cartons to the bin store, recycling all the paper and trying to fit everything in the new apartment for some hours. In the end we had to go through everything and slim down her clothes, bedding and towels and cull her kitchen ware stuff still further! Once that was done and bagged there were journeys to the charity shops and to Ravenside for ‘storage solutions’ on the Saturday. 

I had given mum my old IPad so in between everything else there were lessons in its usage, programming the TV, teaching mum how to use the microwave, washing machine, entry system, etc, etc!

We went down to the beach for a breath of fresh air the Friday evening but stayed in Saturday night as there were too many jobs that needed to be finished off if we were to get away on Sunday morning.  I am sure mum will be very happy there and very secure but it will help if she remembers to take the right keys with her!


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