Three in a Manoir!

We had an easy drive down from Chartres, lovely sunshine and thank heavens I got the air conditioning fixed the day before we left! We got some shopping on the way down and I had brought some cereal and Tea Bags from home (the French don’t produce good tea) so we were all set for when we arrived at the house. We tried to phone ahead to say that we would be there for 4 pm, as instructed but never managed to get through. The directions for the house were easy to follow, especially with my trusty map reader by my side who told me when I should be crossing single track rail lines and going under/over motorways etc.

The first drive into the house took our breath away because it was indeed a Manor House. Madame was there to greet us and gave us a tour of the house and introduced us to Fiona, who was English, and was contactable by phone, she herself was going away for the week. We allocated bedrooms, ours and mums were on the ground floor as the stairs were somewhat steep for Mum and Hyw. The first couple of days were spent getting lost in the house as there were at least two ways to get anywhere!

The Taiwan contingent weren’t due to arrive until Monday afternoon so we had the house to ourselves for the first few days. We went to the supermarket in Sarlat for more provisions and investigated the shops in Cenac itself. The weather was scorching at 36 degrees and we were grateful for the cool of the house and swimming pool.

Rather than hang around, anticipating the arrival of the kids, we took ourselves off to Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac, close to La Roque Gageac. It was really stupendous and I can recommend it to anyone. The kids made a visit there in the second week and enjoyed it as much as us. We had a super lunch there, my first ‘gesiers’ of the holiday, overlooking a drop and surrounded by peacocks who ate up anything you dropped.


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