Something Fishy

The weather was somewhat indifferent, and in fact it came on to a mizzley sort Cornish rain so we decided to visit the local aquarium at Le Bugue. It wasn’t very prepossessing when we drove up but in fact it wasn’t at all bad once we got past all the Dinosaur posters! It was mostly fish the you could find in the Dordogne but also catfish, sturgeon and a reptile and alligator section (hence the posters). I don’t know why, but I felt impelled to ‘try on’ a snake. It was huge, a heavy, very smooth and just oozing with strength, and yellow!

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo that I can post at the moment as they are all on the cloud so you will have to take my word for it until Gwil is kind enough to send me one. We went for a drink in Le Bugue and then set off back to the Manoir and had a pleasant afternoon at the house.

It was a fine day the next day so we had the day at home as Nicole and Fi were going to London on Friday to catch up with Friends. We had good fun in the swimming pool and later that evening we went up to Domme for a meal which the kids paid for. It was very long winded but the food was lovely, except for Fi’s vegetarian choices. 

Friday we went to the supermarket and the boys drove Fi down to Toulouse to catch the plane. I think it was rather a long way and they would have been better off going from Bergerac but the boys did have time to see a bit of Toulouse before coming back. I recommended that the girls take the train up to Gourdon on Monday. 

On Saturday we made a visit to Gourdon to see if it had changed at all in the 5 years since we last came. I don’t seem to have taken many photos, so again I will have to rely on others to supply them.


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