The rest of the holiday

Each day seemed to go by quicker than the one before. The young people made a visit to the Jardins Suspendus, luckily it wasn’t far as I was able to give some of the a lift. They also made a trip down to Cahors before the girls came back from London. Lunches out were always going to be a problem for 11 of us but we got round that by eating in the village, the first time we had a lunch and the second time we had an evening meal, both were excellent, especially the one we had at La Traverse, where I had razor fish. The kids also made a canoe expedition and we caught up with them on a pleasure boat. It was a lovely day and they stopped off to have a drink with us before we caught our boat. Lots of fun was had playing frisbee, in the swimming pool, playing ping pong, watching films and having an excellent evening opening presents from a lucky dip that Maureen arranged and a very noisy sing along evening which followed on from Verity’s game of Timeline.  

Verity and Rich were the first to leave us on Friday afternoon, a very tearful parting with us all putting a brave face on it. They were off for a week in Marseille but they almost didn’t catch their train, they were so slow and saying goodbye to everyone. The boys left first on Saturday morning, with Fi and Nicole – no one wanted to make a big deal of the parting but we got choked up just the same. We left about 20 minutes later and took Matt and Mo to Sarlat before heading north ourselves. The boys were having until Tuesday in Bordeaux and then flying back to Taiwan although there was initially some doubt weather they would be held up by the typhoon. 

We stayed at Illiers Combray, home of Proust, in a very good Logis with a delightful restaurant. The trip to Calais was uneventful, thank heavens, but we could see all the immigrants tents and the roads were ringed with high fences and razor wire! 

Well everyone is back home now and already the holiday seems like a dream. I’ll have to have another one while we plan next years jaunt! Meanwhile we have some wonderful group shots to remember it.


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