A Good Excuse

A friend of mine is soon to return to China so we are having them to supper tonight. Having friends round is always a good excuse for clearing surfaces and putting away all those bits that have mounted up over the weeks, otherwise known as clutter! 

It’s also an excuse to dig out some old recipe books and compose a menu. As we have been to Italy a couple of times this year we are having two deserts from Italy. The first one is a Scicillian Orange and Almond Cake with orange cream and the second is a favourite of mine, bread and butter pudding with apples and oranges. We have so many apples at the moment it’s good to find a different recipe that makes use of them. The Bread and Butter pud has yet to be baked so it’s not looking particularly alluring at the moment.

I’m also doing a venison pie with roast spuds and Brussels sprouts cooked in butter with chestnuts and lardons. The chestnuts are from the garden, it’s so lovely to pop outside and gather what you need!

Let’s just hope that I don’t burn anything!


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