In Hunt of Sloes

Alas, this year I was either too late, which is quite possible, given the number of holidays we seem to have had, or it was a bad year. It doesn’t matter too much because I have some in the freezer, enough for a small bottle, and I made a quantity last year, but somehow it doesn’t feel quite like autumn without some sloes soaking in gin!

However, all was not wasted on my walk as I was able to take some photos, quite moody, of the countryside on a dull yet mild day. I don’t know which season I prefer, each has its own delights but I do know that I prefer going for walks on a day like today, or a cold, crisp winter’s day, I just get too hot in the summer!

The weather is so mild that I have daffodils and snowdrops putting in an appearance by my back door, I really don’t know what to think. The tabloids, which I hasten to add I only scan at the supermarket checkout, are predicting a ‘big freeze’. I wonder if they will be right?

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