A Trip To Bath 

On Sunday I made one of my flying visits to see Verity who I have not seen for several weeks, since we were in France. I was meant to meet her at Lidle as she wanted to do a big shop but I was somewhat late as I got stuck behind two really slow drivers once I left the motorway. There was nothing I could do for many miles except admire the autumn scenery and hope Verity would not have bought up the entire shop!

Monday was her day off work, we had lots of jobs to do at different points of the town so we had to work out the most logical route, giving ourselves time to visit all the shops in turn, including buying a Christmas Tree.

I left fairly promptly this morning and was home by 11.30am. In my absence Hyw had put some hooks on my latest picture and hung it over his desk. I am quite taken with it and am thinking of doing a series.

This evening was a WI trip to Olivers bakery, much fun was had decorating gingerbread biscuits and making some prepared dough into ‘crowns’. We were also treated to mince pies and coffee. A good evening.
The Weir at Bath in the morning sun


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