6 December, A Trip To Amsterdam

Hyw went to Taiwan for a couple of weeks in November to see two of our boys who live there. Unfortunately I couldn’t go as since my stroke the doctor has advised against long haul flights so I don’t know if this is a sort of consolation prize or if it was just Hyw getting carried away on the internet again! 

We flew from Exeter at a very civilised time in the morning and arrived in the sunshine at 1.30 pm European time. We have visited so much in recent times that it felt quite like coming home. We are in a different hotel this time, on the opposite side of the Vondelpark, just along from the museums. 

We dumped our bags and went straight out to book our favourite restaurant for lunch tomorrow. As we were feeling a bit peckish we had a late lunch as well. After that we made our way down to the grassy area behind the museums and were just in time to see Santa Claus taking off in a helicopter! We then went and saw the ice rink and I got some nice photos but you will have to wait until I get back as I forgot my lead to the iPad. We wandered back to the hotel along the back streets and crashed out on the bed.

We went out again in the evening for a walk around and did a complete circuit via the Concertgebouw and ended up at a pub/bar more or less opposite the hotel. Before we got there though we did plenty of window shopping including looking in the window at an Indonesian Deli, what a shock I got when a mouse popped his head out of some slats at the back of the refrigeration unit and took some noodles. I won’t be going there in a hurry, he was just like the cat, trying to steal food off my plate when I’m not looking.

The bar was very good, lots of people having a good time and the Paulaner was great (having had a Duval at lunchtime).


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