A Sunny Day

After the bitingly cold weekend we awoke this morning to no frozen windows or condensation running down them. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature has gone from 2 degrees to 10+. Time to get out in the garden and start tidying it up for the season ahead. Snowdrops cover the bank at the back of the garden and for once I managed to clear all the ferns in the Autumn so they really stand out against the dark green of the Laurels.The Hellebores are just starting to open and the Crocus and Primroses are beginning to show their faces.

Lavender in the front garden, the bees seem to love this so I have given it another haircut so it should last another year.

At WI this week we have to bring along a favourite hat. I decided to dig out the hat I made when I first started needlfelting and finish it off! I made it some years ago but was distracted by other projects and so it has been languishing in my fabric stash for some time. It was the ideal time to do it as it was far too cold to do anything other than sew by the fire. It is somewhat naive in style, I seem to remember that I had wanted to make a hat like a fruit bowl, why I can’t Imagine! Anyway I thought I had better finish what I started and picked out some of the detail with embroidery threads. It’s quite nice but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it very often.

I have been continuing with my collage/mixed media paintings. I have been working on a triptych of Red Riding Hood, which I still have some detail to add to and I am starting to plan a Three Bears one, although that will be a single panel. When I went up to Bath the other week to stay with Vee we took in a Peter Brown exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery. It was superb, and that set me thinking about a townscape, based loosely on one of his pictures. At the moment it is hanging in the kitchen waiting for me to decide if I need to do anything else to it or if I should just stop fiddling!

So, that’s been my weekend, I’m now looking out of the window, the sun is still shining, shall I go out and do some more gardening or shall I listen to my body which is telling me that I’ve done enough for today? Perhaps a cup of tea is called for…

PS my hat won the WI competition, yae!


Ever Hopeful

We put the house on the market ( again) at the beginning of the year. We had a burst of activity last week, with several viewings but none this week. Still, we are not deterred, but it does get a bit tiresome always living in a show home and having to go out at a moments notice to give the estate agents a free hand with their ‘clients’. We have been to quite a few pubs as a result and discovered a few new ones too.

As part of the clearing out I regrettably had to get in touch with Vee to ask if she would mind if her dolls house finally went to recycling. My father had made it for her but over the years it has become very tattty. She said that was ok but when it came to it my heart wasn’t in it so I kept the roof and one floor so I could set about restoring it to a bungalow as we had plenty of dolls house wall paper that we had bought in Bath some years back. All of Vee’s dolls house furniture was wrapped up in newspaper in an old chest of drawers, there was loads of it and certainly more than could be accommodated in a bungalow. Whilst I was pondering what to do with it all I also came across the box of Kavalan Whisky that Lol had bought us from Taiwan, now I had another dilemma, what to do with the box, it was far too good to throw out.

It came to me in a flash, I would downsize the dolls into a townhouse and a bungalow for the country! A quick conversion was called for.

The before box

House conversion, the outside of the box has been left unchanged.

The bungalow has yet to be tackled! But the lady of the house also needed some new clothes, the old ones were at least twenty years old and looking very threadbare. She has been in a state of undress in the top of my sewing box and I almost gave up on her as she has become somewhat distorted with age but this morning I at last effected the transformation from this…

To this

So, the dolls have a new house even if we haven’t made the move yet.