Berlin 30 March – 4 April

We took some ‘time out’ from the house sale to fit in a long weekend city break to Berlin, my second and Hyw’s zillionth. Flora was dropped off at the cattery the day before, much to her disgust and we set off at 9am the following day. A good day for travelling (I’m always worried about traffic jams since we missed a flight!) and it was bright a sunny. The weather held for our landing at Shoenfeldt and we made a swift, if wearisome transfer into the city. Someone gave us tickets so we were able to travel in to Friedichstrasse and then buy tickets for the week at the travel bureau. From there it is only a few stops to Savignyplatz, the station for our hotel.

It was quite like old times, treading the same old streets and being greeted at the hotel by the young girl who was there last time. After a quick wash and brush up we went out to drink some beer (much needed) and a meal. The cafe where we had the beer was just around the corner and the restaurant was just next door to that so not too strenuous! The restaurant had changed hands since the last time so it was no longer Swabian cuisine but was now Austrian or Styrian cuisine. To tell the truth there was not a lot to tell the difference, both being characterised by dumplings! I had a wonderful goulash followed by some apricot pancakes and coffee. 

Hyw in the cafe/ bar where we often stopped off for a drink; it was lit entirely by candlelight so the focus isn’t too good.

After an excellent nights sleep and a glorious breakfast of smoked salmon, herring and hard boiled egg ( I chose selectively) we strolled up to Zoo station and then onward to KVD, the big department store. Having looked at all the things we could not afford to buy we had a coffee outside, on the street, as the temperature was starting to rise.

Here is an ‘arty’ shot and one not so, plus some of the general scenery.

This one is of a Tesla car, which LJ is keen to buy although this is a top of the range model!


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