Sunday Evening, Monday and Tuesday

We didn’t feel like having supper that evening but in fact after a walk around the neighbourhood we ended up going back to  the Styrian restaurant where we were greeted like old friends. There was a lively atmosphere and in fact the sun had come out in the late afternoon so it was all looking very jolly and en fete.

Monday was rather grey but much better for visiting museums so we made a return visit to the Neue Gallery where I made a beeline for Nefertiti and had her all to myself for 5 minutes. Sadly you aren’t allowed to take photos there but I got plenty in the other galleries. It is a lovely restoration job, designed by Chipperfield. So many textures and he has deliberately left behind the scarring by the bullet holes and not tried to hide the buildings past.

Lunch almost turned into a disaster. We went to Galleries Lafayette but they didn’t have any wine in the seafood restaurant so we left there and Hyw took to me to an area that turned out to be a bypass! We quickly left there and turned up in Kufferstenstrasse where There was an old Woolworth, so we had to go in and Hyw bought a padded jacket for 19Euro!

By this time I had more or less given up on lunch but as luck would have it I found a French restaurant along the road a bit and although it didn’t look very prepossessing from the outside, it turned out to be excellent. 

After an excellent lunch we started walking but quickly decided to to catch a bus to the dreaded Hauptbanhoff and from there back to the Hotel Alexander. In the evening we went to the local bar and had a snack type supper. 

Tuesday morning we decided that the best thing to do was to go to the Zoo as then we could leave our bags in the lockers at Zoo station. Berlin always seems to have major building works going on, it will be lovely when finished but in the meantime it is a bit of a pain. Still we were relatively early so there wasn’t any crush to get a locker which had been moved to the street outside. 

What was my favourite animal, here are a few good shots…

It was a slow old journey to the airport but once there we were processed fairly quickly and in no time at all we were back in Bristol with the sun shining brightly, as it has been ever since. It’s nice to go away but even better coming home again.

The sign is a bit premature, we are still in the process of selling but the agent seems confident anyway!


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