Sunday Morning Route to the Station and a Boat Trip

It was still quite warm but a little overcast, not the rain storm that the concierge in our hotel had warned us of! We decided to go for a boat trip as we have got into the habit of taking them on our European visits and find that they give a fresh perspective. So far we have done Oslo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Venice (you can’t travel far without!) and we have Paris coming up. Berlin was no exception but I am getting ahead of myself, first the route, in pictures, to Savignyplatz Station.

We got to the Kurfürstendamm and found a skating race taking place. In another part of Berlin it was the half marathon.

That’s the station, just ahead of us, but first the posters…

Then up onto the platform and take the train…

To the Hauptbanhoff, where we always get lost, it is such a huge station, but I think I’ve cracked it now. Basically head upwards, it is counter intuitive ( and don’t listen to your husband!)

The boat ride we were taking was from a pier opposite the station and luckily we only had a half hour wait before we were off. The sun made frequent visits but my photos don’t really reflect this, here I am having a beer (again).

The trip lasted a hour in total, here are some of the hi lights…

A fellow passenger!

After the boat trip we went back to the Hauptbahnhoff and off to the market for a slap up lunch, serenaded by a young British guy singing Ed Shearin songs. He was very good and put me in mind of G.


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