A Quick Flit To Paris

Hywel had booked a flight to Paris some time ago, thinking it would take ages for our house to sell. As it happened the house sold much quicker than he had anticipated but we were still determined to go ahead with the holiday and in fact it did serve to take Hyw’s mind off the move. We were flying from Exeter so it was fairly relaxed and we were in Paris by lunch time. The RER took us to within a stones throw of our hotel which was situated in a leafy square opposite the Sorbonne.

We did a quick tour of the Luxembourg Gardens before heading for lunch. Of course our shoes were instantly covered in limestone dust but it was good to see everyone enjoying the sun. Our hotel turned out to be not only very well placed but also very well appointed rooms with a Nespresso coffee machine in each room, so I was in my element.

We quickly freshened up and went out to see the sights…

As you can tell we were right next to the Pantheon and as it was such a lovely evening we just had to go in and see, although Hywel had been before. It was very good as at that time of late afternoon there were very few other tourists about so we had plenty of time and space to really look about. Afterwards we went to a Charles Wells pub and ordered Erdinger and had a lively conversation with some young French men about the election, Brexit and all things that are generally wrong with the world. We staggered back to the hotel before going for a Vietnamese meal, not very good but it filled a space!


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