At last a move

We have been talking about a move for a couple of years now but no-one thought we were serious and didn’t think we would actually make a move, especially to Scotland! Yes, you’ve heard it here first folks, we now live in Scotland. There are various reasons for not blogging about this before, firstly we were so busy with the sale, and getting rid of furniture and also Hyw felt it would be very much tempting fate to ‘announce it’, so I kept quiet.

The couple who bought Spencer House viewed it 3 times and made the offer fairly early in the process. The were moving from Lancaster and would be living in a caravan down in Devon so we agreed to a fairly swift exit on our part. Things worked out well as we were able to move to Mark’s cottage on the 5/6 May and in fact had made an offer on a place I had spotted on the internet, on day 3 of our house hunting (Monday rang for an appointment, Tuesday saw it, Wednesday/Thursday bought it! It has taken about 7 weeks in total to complete the sale/ purchase. 

In the meantime we have been doing lots of site seeing, Verity has been to visit, as has Mark but at last we are in 23/6/17 although our furniture won’t arrive until 11/12 July as I am off to Italy and Hyw has very kindly agreed to wait for my return!

Our first view of Coldstream and the Bowmont valley

A day trip to Melrose

A trip to Wooler and Berwick

Verity’s visit to us in Scotland

A trip to Bamburgh with Verity and some day trips to Smailhome Tower, and Scotts View

Trips to Eyemouth, and St Abb’s

A trip to Flodden, a visit to the gardens at Mindrum and the river in full spate 

The last photos are of our first two days in Bowmont House! Hyw had to sleeps on the floor as I was driving down to Bath and I needed a good nights sleep. He now faces 2 weeks without me or furniture but he does have the cat.


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