First day in Italy

I drove down to Verity’s on the Sunday, making very good time, and together we set off for Bexhill on the Monday.

We flew in yesterday, on an Airbus 320, to Milan Malpensa arriving at around 4.30 pm. The ground crew were most helpful with mum and we had a separate entrance and passport control from the other passengers. Verity had the bags waiting for us so it was just a question of walking through customs ( non existent ) to meet our driver. He didn’t speak any English but he was most informative and helpful, pointing out places of interest on our journey to the hotel. We have a good room with an adjoining room for Verity. It is on the first floor and overlooks the gardens at the back. The evening meal was very good, as usual and we had 2 bottles of wine! 

We were woken in the night by the mother of all storms and in fact it carries on today although it is gradually fading now. We ate out in the small pizza bar, just a few metres from the hotel.

There had been a disaster in that my red nail varnish had spilt on the flight, all over my green dress!

Luckily they had a needle and thread at reception, and with a few liberated silk leaves, it doesn’t look like a murder scene anymore. 


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