So Much to See!

Despite the late afternoon rain storms, we have been out every day, except the first. We have had a mixture of visits including a visit from Brian, mums friend, who lives for part of the year at Garda. We went to Lenno for a light lunch with him, catching the boat at Villa Carlotta. Afterwards we came back for tea at the hotel, the second he left Verity and I made a beeline for the pool.

We have also been to Bellagio, not for the town part which looks best from a distance, but for the villa Melli gardens which run alongside the lake.

We also stopped for ice creams, delicious!

We have visited the villa gardens at the villa Barbanielli also. We took the bus to Lenno and then we had about a thirty minute walk to the villa across the hill, through a beautiful tree filled landscape. It was fairly hilly going for nan though! The villa gardens were not extensive but they were stunning, being built on the promontory.

We decided to take the water taxi back as it would have been too far for mum to walk.

A day trip to Menaggio was also planned, as for one thing we needed to buy our tickets for the Bernina Express. That done, we explored the waterfront, which was very charming, and then caught a bus to the Northern end of the lake, the small town of Domaso. It wasn’t really as good as the guide books had made it out to be plus we had overshot our stop so we had miles to walk back. We did however find a windsurfing stretch of the lake so we had a quick paddle. 


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