Back to Earth With A Bang

I arrived Sunday lunch time and had two days of relative calm before Pav and his mate arrived to start delivering boxes. Luckily for us the weather was dry again and so the removals could go ahead without having to worry about the carpets which we had just had cleaned. They arrived about 6.30 and worked until about 8pm and then came back the next day and worked from 7.15 until about 10am. I must say that Pav in particular was an absolute demon, on the go the whole time.

It is now a week since I returned from Italy and almost a week since the furniture was delivered. Clearly we will have to buy some more beds and book cases, a dishwasher is also a priority! So far Hyw has mended the table and tidied the garden shed, he has just started to mend the coal bunker. I have been trying to find homes for everything and inbetween times I have been clearing the back yard, getting the computer and phones working and setting up the TV.

The house is gradually getting clear but I have been doing numerous trips to the tip in Kelso, so much so that they recognise me now. Only about another 30 boxes to go.

Just got the pictures to sort out, and my art stuff and yet more books and CDs, happy days!


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