The Shepherds Show, Visitors and Painting

The Yetholm Shepherds Show is the last in the season and it is here that the Shepherds crook is selected to go forward to the National competition. There were hundreds of crooks to chose from and I can’t say that I understood what was being looked for, they all looked as splendid as each other, but here are some of the ones I liked…

There was plenty to see, a dog show, a demonstration of hunting hounds, some fairground rides, races and various competition entries, such as cakes, knitted jumpers and flowers. 

There were also these old motor bikes and vintage cars, Dad would have liked them. All in all it was a good day and by the time the crowds had arrived, it was bright and sunny. Of course the stars of the show were the sheep!

Mark was staying at the cottage for a week so he dined with us several times and I took him back to Berwick as he had not been able to rent a car on this occasion. Justin also came to stay for a few days, having had a visit to his old friends and then touring around the west coast. 

Nice as it was to have Visitors it was good when life returned to normal and we could start painting the cottage, with our new ladder. Still a bit to do but the weather should be more settled later this week so two days should see it done.

I have been going for some walks recently, enjoying the last of the summer and the countryside round about.

We really do live in a beautiful place and as the evenings draw in I’ve got my new book to read…

And my new curtain to enjoy!

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, it is a very rare sort of blue, almost violet, it reminds me of the lavender fields Verity, mum and I visited.


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