First Trip to London (from Scotland)

Despite my fears, the road to Berwick was frost free, which was just as well as we left at 7:15 am to be sure of getting a parking space. Needless to say it all went smoothly and we were soon heading south on a Virgin train. I was more or less glued to the window, as being my first trip, there were lots of new sights to take in. Newcastle looked as if it was made by giants, the buildings and bridges seemed terribly big and lumpen. Durham looked very small, like a model village and sadly, you don’t see much of York except for the station. The sun was shining for most of the way so we were really seeing the country at its best.

Matt met us at Kings Cross as we were having lunch with the O’Hares and didn’t have a lot of time to spare. We had a very jolly meal in the Starting Gates, a pub near Matthew and Maureen’s new flat. After the lunch we went back to the flat, the O’Hares were off to London City airport and M and M were going to see Stuart Lee. We had the place to ourselves and watched films!

I have to stop now as supper is ready…

Matt and Maureen’s flat 


3 thoughts on “First Trip to London (from Scotland)

  1. Sounds like you have an excellent trip south, Annette. We always love the views from the train – and play the count-the-cathedrals game. On a good trip, I’ll reckon to see Newcastle, Durham, York (you were unlucky not to see that – think you have to crane your head a bit), – and Peterborough. Oh – and we can see our home, so wave next time you’re going by!

      1. Haha – don’t think the imposing bit is us – probably the large neighbour’s house! I’ve always meant to make a big sheet sign to hang out when friends and family go past: Hello from Seaview! – one day …. Serendipitously I’ve been reading today about Ayurvedic Man, the new exhibition at the Wellcome Gallery – I guess that’s what you missed. It sounds excellent, and I will put it on my list for my next trip south.

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