London Trip part 2

Supper is over now so I can continue with my blog. Day two we had to ourselves. We had been given directions from Matt on the best way to get to Bow as we wanted to catch an exhibition, curated by Michael Rosen of a group of East London artists who were essentially untrained. The exhibition was at the Nunnery Gallery and was very well worth going to see. Matt claimed that Bow was a very ‘edgy’ part of town but I found it perfectly ok, especially as that’s where I grew up.

These are two paintings from the show

Afterwards we had a bit of a wander around the back streets of Bow and saw these two lovely cottages

We then headed into central London as I hadn’t been to the National Gallery recently. We had lunch in a pub, not far from Leicester Square and then headed off for Trafalgar Square. There were a number of new acquisitions as well as quite a few paintings on loan to the gallery. Of course there were the old favourites but we were also lucky enough to see a collection of Degas pastels on loan from the Burrell and a small show of Akseli Gallen-Kallela paintings. 

We headed back up to Bounds Green on the Piccadilly Line and arrived home about 5pm. That evening we went out to a cafe/restaurant nearby and then afterwards we went to a Greek Cypriot restaurant where they were supposed to be having Karioke ( they weren’t ) but they were celebrating someone’s birthday so there was much singing anyway. 

The next day we left the flat about 10.30 as we weren’t going to rush but when we got to Bounds Green the trains weren’t running as there was a signal failure. A young girl helpfully told us go to Finsbury Park and catch a train on another line but in fact when we got there Finsbury Park was closed too. So onto another bus and eventually we arrived at Kings Cross. This meant that our plans to visit the Wellcome Collection had to be abandoned as there was not time. I waited in St Pancras with the bags and Hyw took Matt his keys.

There wasn’t even time to have lunch so I nipped into Marks and Spencer for sandwiches, we had a quick glass of wine and then onto the train for home. The journey was very smooth and relatively quick, sun for most of the way but dark by the time we reached Durham. 


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