Open Fires!

When we first moved into our new house we were delighted by the number of fireplaces ( actually its only 4 ) in the rooms. They have all been put in as a part of the retro fit but are in fact original fireplaces ( from someone else’s house) and would have been the sort of fire that would have been here originally. We have two other chimneys, one in the bedroom has been blocked off and the other one in the kitchen has the range cooker attached ( is that the right word?). Originally that would have presumably been an earlier version of a range cooker, but not oil as ours is. It might have been something like these.

Having an open fire is all very well, if inefficient, but it is all the palaver that goes with an open fire that you don’t think about initially. For instance, all the chimneys have to be swept, even the ones you are not having a fire in, or else you get damp. The chimney pots have to be seen to as well. Where we live we have about half a dozen resident Jackdaws so we have to ensure that the chimneys are covered with metal covers or ‘top hats’, if not they will nest in them. I thought we had only two chimney pots when we bought the house but in fact we have 5.

We have a very ugly coal bunker in the back garden but at least it is next to the back gate. We have been toying with getting rid of it but now the frosty snowy days are here it is coming into its own. Luckily Hyw made a new top for it and now it holds our winter fuel. This is a picture of it in the summer, when we first moved in.

We are jolly grateful for the range cooker as it keeps the kitchen nice and ‘toastie’, which seems to be a local expression.

And after much ‘umming and aahing’ about chimney fires we have finally lit the front room fire, and jolly successful it has been.

I am now working on having an open fire in the kitchen, or even in the bedroom!

Here are the other 3 fireplaces, the kitchen, the spare room and our bedroom.


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