A Trip To Newcastle Upon Tyne

We were lucky to get the last parking space at Berwick Station, if we hadn’t we would have had to get parking in the town car parks which would have meant a brisk walk, not the ideal way to start the day. The weather was rather cold and there was a keen wind blowing at Berwick but we weren’t in it for long as they have a very well heated waiting room at the station. We had a fine journey down to Newcastle but it did start to rain a bit as we entered the outskirts of Newcastle. The station is a bit like Temple Meads but a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.

We headed off for the town, heads down because of the rain, so in fact we missed the metro which was just outside the main entrance. Still, the directions we were given were fairly straight forward and by the time we were approaching Greys Monument it was clearing up.

Once you got away from the worst of the traffic it was a fine town centre but it was unsympathetically carved up by roads, shopping malls and older pedestrianised shopping streets. Now and again though there was a gem as in this shopping mall below.

We in fact went in the most modern shopping mall for lunch and decided to have Mexican! Hyw had chilli and I had chicken Faijitas ( I must check the spelling ), a sort of DIY make your own wrap, still it was very tasty and the decor was quite amusing.

After lunch we went to Marks and Spencer for me to get some new trousers and the on to the Bank to sort out my internet banking. We had more or less used up our interest in shops so we went for a coffee in Carluccio ( sadly departed ) and made our way via the Christmas Market and the back streets to the station. It was starting to rain again. No time to visit the art galleries this time but we shall definitely visit again especially as it only cost £16 for the pair of us ( plus £3.50 parking ).


We were treated to a very dramatic sky on the journey home as large dark clouds were contrasted with the fiery red of the sunset.


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