Visit to the Coast

On our journeys to Newcastle we have often wondered what Alnmouth was like so on the first sunny day after the snow we took ourselves off to see. There was still quite a bit of snow lining the roads so we avoided the route to Wooler we normally take and joined the main road a bit further along. We could see what appeared to be a fine Castle in the distance ( Ford Castle we think) so resolved to visit that on another occasion.

Alnmouth is very charming but much smaller than it seemed from the train. The Main Street is well supplied with pubs and restaurants though, no doubt for the tourist trade in the summer. There was also a fairly classy deli where we stopped for lunch, very nice but the wine was very expensive (we didn’t have any ). Having walked up and down the Main Street we decided to go back to Alnwick as it was too blowy for a walk on the beach.

There was a Persian rug sale in the Town Hall, a good excuse to see it and to learn about the different carpets the young woman had for sale. There were several ( all of them really) that we would have liked to buy but we haven’t decorated the house yet so it would be silly to buy one just yet.

We drove home via the A1 and then cut across to Wooler, stopping on the way to take some photos. The views were breathtaking and my photos only give a hint of the crystal clear light.

Having driven all day without any bother I decided that we could go back across country. Big mistake, floods, potholes and when we were within about 3 miles of home the road was actually closed, presumably for urgent repairs ( English roads). So we had to cross the valley floor, dodge more floods and pick our way home. In the end we went into Kelso to pick up some things before going home.

It was lucky we had our day out when we did as the next day it rained.


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