In The Garden

I had 3 tonnes of top soil delivered and then it snowed again! I was determined to empty one of the bags though so I shovelled away and as Clive King says in Stig of the Dump ‘it warms you twice…’ though in this case I wasn’t sawing wood.

Here I am after the soil had just been delivered and here’s me gardening in a blizzard.

There was soon snow across much of the country and Verity who had just returned from Singapore, had some in Bath too.

Of course it would take that moment for the central heating to stop working. Not only that, but I had packed up the sitting room ready for a plasterer, so we had no access to the fire in there either. There was nothing for it but to go on holiday to the cottage and spend the time there until Therma Heat could get out to us.

In the meantime the snow has all gone again and I have continued to work on the garden.

I am going to get some more fruit trees from B and Q, but it is starting to shape up nicely. The plants I bought were from Mayfield with the voucher Verity had given me for Christmas. They were on their Search and Rescue table so some of them only cost a pound.

While I think of it the local bus company is owned by a Mr Hogg, the busses have the web address on their side wwwroadhoggs! Another creative owner has a logging lorry with the name over the cab ‘The Log Father’ in the same type face that they used for ‘The God Father.’ It’s nice to know there is some humour about.

Here are the before and after pictures of the sitting room

On another note, Laurie got married to Nicole this week. It feels odd not to be there but I am there in spirit. I have just reread this and it sounds a bit off hand. Of course I am very pleased and proud to congratulate Laurie and Nicole, and I am pleased to welcome Nicole into the family formally. Now we have something else to look forward to, a baby girl!

Well I have just hired someone to decorate the sitting room so I guess I better get moving and clear the room!


2 thoughts on “In The Garden

    1. If I didn’t get going the season would be upon us and I’d be running to catch up. I can be a bit more relaxed about it now the bare bones are in. I have bought a cold frame in Lidle so I shall be planting some seeds soon.

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