First quilt

This is my first quilt since 1978, when I made a quilt by hand, and various jackets, for Verity. I have a book with various styles of quilt and this one seemed a good one for a beginner with only odds and ends of fabric. Not to be deterred, I worked on 3 squares a day, so as not to be anti-social, and on the 4th day, did the binding of the edges. I am quite pleased with it and am already planning my next one with some fabric I bought for the task. This one was a log cabin construction, the next one will be a ‘churn’ quilt. You are meant to sign and date your quilt so I have sewn a monogram, with the date into the bottom corner. You can’t see it here as this was taken beforehand.

It was another bright and sunny day so Hyw came for a walk with me after I had hoovered up the mess from the fabrics and done the ironing. Played scrabble, its now ongoing, with Gwilym and Laurence. I won the first game with Gwilym but I am not sure why, did he give up? Or perhaps he couldn’t go anymore. Laurie is beating me so far but I have a cunning plan!



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