A hectic week

Have had a really busy week, so busy in fact I’m having difficulty remembering what I have been doing. Having spent so long kneeling down last week, weeding the garden, my knees are well and truly buggered so I am having to take it a little easier this week. Having said that, I have just started a new regime, having watched the Michael Mosely programme on Horizon. If you haven’t watched then I urge you to do so, it could change your life! I am now a devotee of H.I.T.T training, that is 3 times a week for a minute each time of high intensity exercise. In my case I am using the exercise bike and cycle for 20 seconds at a time at top speed, then I have a few minutes rest, then I do it again, and once more – three times in total. Even if it turned out that I was a low responder to exercise, it would lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes and further strokes so I’m all for it. The other thing is making sure that I don’t spend too long sitting down and keep on the move. This will be jolly useful for the AFA as apparently we don’t have chairs to rest our pins on!

We went to Bath on Sunday and had lunch at the White Hart. It was filthy weather but we were snuggly inside so it didn’t matter too much. In the evening we went for a stroll and sampled the delights of VJ’s locals, The St James Wine Cellars and The Star – very good. VJ had been expecting an Asda delivery that evening but they cocked it up so we had eggs on toast for supper. The next day, continuing the eggs theme, it was bright and sunny, so we went for brunch at a cafe in town. It was very good, I had Eggs Royale, which was eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on a bread roll, delicious.

We left Bath about 2 and had a good journey home. Dave has started replacing the windows so it was good to see the progress that had been made. He has set them back a little to match the other windows and I also got him to lower the upstairs one so its not right up under the eaves and gives the wall a more balanced appearance.

I had a lovely book from Matthew on garden design and one from Gwilym on Kaffee Fassett patchwork so I am well set up with reading material. Hyw bought me a food encyclopaedia that weighs a ton!

I didn’t go to my evening class this week but went to a Pampered Chef evening with Qun, at Irene’s. It was quite a pleasant evening and I’m sure Natalie will have taken quite a few orders. Having not been to class I felt a bit guilty so I set about preparing a lino cut. I think I’ll do a test print tomorrow as I don’t want to waste time in class if it isn’t right.

Today I went into town and bought some new shoes, skinny jeans, some tops and a cardigan so I should be smart for the AAF. When I got home I had won twice on the premium bonds, only a small win, but a nice surprise. Simon has fixed the exhaust on the car and done the Mot and I have had a blood test – can’t think why I thought this week was so hectic, oh well!



2 thoughts on “A hectic week

  1. Great post! Those books look fab. I look forward to reading them next time I’m home. Just one niggle… It’s AAF not AFA 🙂
    It’s going to be fun and I’ve been in touch with MJ who confirms that we shall have supper together. Don’t know where yet though.

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